Design for Amazon sellers


Graphic design drives conversion

Amazon has come right out and said that enhanced brand content lifts sales, not only first time purchases, but repeat customers as well. We specialize in creating graphic design assets for Amazon sellers that has a proven ROI.

If you’re competing in a crowded market online, your customers will want to know what make your Amazon product better than the competition. The best way to show the quality of your Amazon product is with high-quality graphic design on your Amazon Product Detail pages and your Amazon Storefront page.



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Take a look at the difference

Weed Razer is a lake maintenance tool company based in the United States, bringing in over $1 Million in annual sales. They needed to set themselves apart from a handful of competitors in their space. After improving their Product Detail Page with Enhanced Brand Content, they saw an immediate lift in sales. This lift has more than paid for the expense of their design services, within the first 3 months.



Amazon product detail page Milone and company.png




Better brands sell more stuff

As with any good marketing campaign, good Enhanced Marketing Content (EMC) starts with understanding your consumer and why they are not buying your product. We develop custom content for Amazon sellers, designed to increase conversion and drive sales.

Change your look and feel overnight with compelling visual storytelling aligned with your business goals. We work with existing branding, can help refresh your look, or build it from scratch with you. We meet you where you are and collaborate with you to build you a look you love.  


Detail page package

1X  Company logo banner | 970:180 pixel aspect ratio

1X No text logo | 400:400 pixel aspect ratio

2X Banner (with Headline & Copy) | 970:600 pixel aspect ratio

4X Icons | 135:135 pixel aspect ratio

Storefront package

1X Hero banner | 3000:600 pixel aspect ratio

1X Large tile | 1500:1500 pixel aspect ratio

2X Medium banner | 1500:750 pixel aspect ratio

4X Med tile | 750:750 pixel aspect ratio

1X Large video cover image | 3000:1500 pixel aspect ratio