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Quarter Muffin

When Quarter Muffin approached us for brand work, they we're starting from square one. However, they we're in the unusual position of having a steady stream of clients even without any branding, website, or social presence. 


it all began with color

The first thing to do was find them a color palette that stood out. Their team was getting most of their leads from LinkedIn at the time, so developing a color palette that jumped off the page, in contrast to LinkedIn blue was essential. We opted for something dramatic, with bold contrasting colors that would pair well with the provocative copy we we're planning for the site. 


a brand with a message

Quarter Muffin offers Instagram growth, on an unprecedented scale. With numbers like 10K new followers a month, we knew that we needed a powerful tone of voice. However, we also needed to combat the obvious skepticism that people have regarding massive social growth. It was all about being a righteous bassass at business and attracting real human followers. 


designing an iconic mark

Logo design in the social media space is always a little tricky. With so many big players, it's hard to make something iconic without pouring millions of dollars into it up front. For Quarter Muffin, we landed on the idea of a modified hashtag evoking a lower case "q". This logo needed to work across all digital use cases like their website, social media profiles, as a favicon, or as an app icon in the future. This meant designing something that could be expressed in black and white and scale up or down to any size. 


Web design & build

The first thing that we landed on was the need for this website to convey the human focus on their product. Quarter Muffin is a way for people to connect with other real people, albeit on a massive scale. With this foundation laid, we began developing a photography style. Once that element fell into place, it was simply a matter of clean, mobile friendly design decisions. During the build we integrated a booking system, FAQs, a client's Instagram feed, and reoccurring payments. It turned out pretty awesome, if you'll excuse us for saying so (we're still super proud of this work). 


When all is said and done

This was a fantastic client for us, not only because of the opportunity to build a brand from the ground up, but because they we're committed to doing something memorable.  When  client comes to us and asks for language that will make people pay attention, photos that pair with that message, and a clean design we jump right out of our pants. We love working with people who have something to say, reach out if that sounds like you.





Milone and Company web design
Milone and company web design

Logo conception & design



We we're brought on board for the rebrand of an inspiring Silicon Valley non-profit and the first step was to develop a new logo. They needed something to tell the story of this amazing work, something to convey the undeniable magic only found in inter-generational connections. Connections fostered by age-bridging interests like art, music, dance, and social gatherings. They're activity center is a place of fulfillment, enrichment, and support. 

This logo needed to be versatile, with the ability to be used in all manner of marketing collateral. It would need to work for business cards, the new website, a possible app icon, on t-shirts, stationery, badges, and banners. It will also need to work in back and white and would need to scale down to a favicon to be visable in a browser tab. 


designer submissions

Milone and company logo design

client review round one

Milone and company logo design

Client review round two

Milone and company logo design

final design

Milone and company logo design